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All our material is ethically sourced, we do not import cheap tumbled stones from third world countries where people produce stones from slave labour. All our stones are hand cut we believe we are the only people in the UK doing this.
Gallery of Sold Stones
Here are some of our past stones, we have cut. They are all very high grade one off pieces

Vintage Bubble Lace Agate


Death Valley Plume Agate


Dryhead Agate


Medicine Bow Plume Agate


Purple Sagenite Agate


Gold Bubble Lace Agate


Old Time Crazy Lace Agate


Bulls Canyon Agate


Nipomo in Marcasite


Rooster tail Agate


Regency Rose Plume Agate


Horse Canyon Agate


Baker Thunder Egg Agate


Horse Canyon Agate

Vintage bubble Lace Agate

Idaho Tube Agate


Coyamito Agate


Cathedral Plume Agate


Baker Agate


Vintage Bubble Agate


Bird of Paradise Agate


Thunder Egg Agate

Hogs Creek Agate


Ghost Plume Agate


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