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All our material is ethically sourced, we do not import cheap tumbled stones from third world countries where people produce stones from slave labour. All our stones are hand cut we believe we are the only people in the UK doing this

Hand Cut Azurite malachite with Bronze Cabochon
lovely composite material of pure nuggets of azurite malachite and fused together with bronze all natural high grade gems not dyed or powdered
It measures 31mm in dia 5mm thick.
It Costs £21.00GBP


Hand Cut Chrysocolla and Malachite Cabochon
A banded malachite cut from our rough stock material
It measures 27mm by 18mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £10.00GBP


Hand Cut New Lapis Lace Cabochon
Turkish lapis Lace newly discovered material from Turkey bright blue with stunning lace like patterns this material is very stunning.
It measures 38mm by 26mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £15.00 GBP


Top Gem Grade Hand cut Malborough Chrysoprase Cabochon
Old Stock material mined Malborough in Queensland this is apple-green chalcedony that derives its color from nickel. It is high grade material with beautiful richapple green colour. Line under dome
It measures 36mm by 17mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £22.00GBP


Hand cut Large Lucin Variscite Cabochon
Lucin Variscite from Utah, also known as green Turquoise, a stunning large piece this material is highly prised in the gem world for its stunning colour and it is very rare
It measures 27mm by 20mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £15.00GBP


Hand cut rare Deep Purple Lepidolite crystals in Quartz Cabochon
Please see our face book page for more info to see the stunning
slab this rare piece came from, stunning crystal formations of
lepidolite in quartz that has made 5 stunning pieces a really
lovely one off material when its gone its gone
never normally this deep purple or in these star formations really high grade pieces
It measures 35mm by 38mm 6mm thick.
It Costs £20.00GBP


Hand Cut Sonora Sunrise Chrysocolla Cabochon
Sonora Sunrise comes from the copper mines in Sonora, Mexico. This material is composed of blue-green Chrysocolla, red Cuprite and silver Tenorite
It measures 52mm by 19mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £23.00GBP


Hand Cut Millefiori Italian Glass Cabochon
Unique glass made from canes of coloured glass, earliest millifiori can be dated back to 5th centuary, with a millifiori purse found at sutton hoo, the technique was lost in the 18th centuary but revived again in the 19th centuary.We have cut the rough into cabochon, rough pictures can be seen on our facebook page.
It measures 40mm by 19mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £16.00GBP


Collectors Huge Titanium Drusy Peacock Rosette Cabochon
Not to be mistaken with the cheap chinese spray paint stones this is a large rare natural forming drusy rosette formation that has been coated in America in a vapour chamber using high grade technology to create these amazing sculptural pieces in stunning colours
It measures 47mm by 33mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £60.00GBP


Stunning Hand Cut Silver shimmer!!! Bowlerite Cabochon
This material is not stone but a chatoyant type of bowling bowl. It is not from bowling bowls made now but from old vintage balls that were the first type of which have a sparkly inside which almost looks like liquid fire. The material is therefore rare it is not commonly found and is only available in small amounts
It measures 43mm by 25mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £18.00GBP


Psilomelane Dendritic Stone Cabochon
Can be found in various places across the globe, the dendrite formations are fascinating to study, and are a result of the presence of iron iin the surrounding rock
It measures 44mm in dia 5mm thick.


Chevron Amethyst Cabochon
Stunning mix of Amethyst and quartz in this beautiful material from Brazil
It measures 34mm by 23mm 6mm thick.
It Costs £15.00GBP


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