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Pink Shimmer Drusy Rosette Cabochon
Not to be mistaken with the cheap chinese spray paint stones this is a large rare natural forming drusy rosette formation that has been coated in America in a vapour chamber using high grade technology to create these amazing sculptural pieces in stunning colours
It measures 33mm by 30mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £17.00GBP


Hand Cut Calcite with Bronze Cabochon
Natural calcite material with bronze veins infused into the stone
It measures 50mm by 18mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £15.00GBP


Hand Cut Mexican Firework Obsidian Cabochon
Unique natural glass from Mexico with cream and pink flower or firework bursts in the stone
It measures 40mm by 22mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £13.00GBP


Hand Cut Austrailian Opalite Cabochon
yellow opalite from Austrailia with metal inclusions
It measures 42mm by 25mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £14.00GBP


Hand cut in the UkAtlantisite Cabochon
Atlantisite is the name given to a powerful stone that combines Stichtite and Serpentine. ... This mineral color ranges from a very pale green to dark ivy green with purple spots of Stichtite throughout. Atlantisite is on the rarer side of gems and is one of the most powerful forms of Serpentine
It measures 32mm by 22mm 5mm thick