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Variety of Cabochons Page2
Hand Cut Snowflake Obsidian Cabochon
A unique jasper from Mexico
which has baby blue snowflake patterns
It is a hard stone and takes a bright polish
It measures 37mm by 17mm thick.
It Costs £14.00GBP


Hand Cut Malachite Cabochon
A banded malachite cut from our rough stock material
Some of this material contains natural lines that are not faults but part
of the pattern in this rough, this has therefore been considered in the pricing of the cabs,
It measures 32mm by 24mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £15.00GBP


Hand Cut 1960's peach and Silver Bowlerite Cabochon
This material is not stone but a chatoyant type of bowling bowl. It is not from bowling bowls made now but from old vintage balls that were the first type of which have a sparkly inside which almost looks like liquid fire. The material is therefore rare it is not commonly found and is only available in small amounts
It measures 41mm by 16mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £12.00GBP


Hand Cut Mexican Firework Obsidian Cabochon
Unique natural glass from Mexico with cream and pink flower or firework bursts in the stone
It measures 40mm by 22mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £13.00GBP


Hand Cut Raw Sodalite Cabochon
Taken from the top of the rough stone this sodalite is raw and unpolished showing off its natural properties thats gives it a matt look
It measures 43mm by 22mm 7mm thick.
It Costs £16.00GBP


Hand Cut K2 Jasper Cabochon
From the base of K2 this lovely stone has
stunning lapis spots of blue inside the stone
It measures 32mmin dia 5mm thick.
It Costs £18.00GBP