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Hand Cut Rainforest Jasper Cabochon
A lovely green rhyolite that comes from Australia
It varies in colour from light to dark green
and has clear agate pockets in the stone.
It is a hard stone and takes a great polish
and is widely used in jewellery.
It measures 29mm in dia 5mm thick.
It Costs £13.00GBP


Hand Cut Real Genuine Metallic Fordite Cabochon
This is the real deal and has been professionally hand
cut it is layers of compacted motor paint that has
hardened in the booths it was featured in the Times
as the rarest gem stone in the world. That is
true of the real material like this but it is often sold as fakes made
up of paint and acrylic if the colour
and pattern are too bright it is often fake.
It measures 31mm by 15mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £16.00GBP


Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper Cabochon
A very rare type of Poppy Jasper
which comes from Morgan Hill in California
the material has all been mined out
and comes from a volcanic fault line
it has distinctive red and yellow poppy heads
It measures 34mm by 15mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £10.00GBP


Hand Cut Blue hawks Eye Tigers Eye
Tigers eye is a chatoyant gemstone,
it is a member of the quartz family
and comes in varying shades from gold to red and blue.
The material can come from Africa and Australia
with the Marra mamba being the rarest and
highest grade of all the tigers eyes.
there is a healed line in the stone
It measures 38mm by 22mm by 5mm thick
It costs £7.00GBP

Hand Cut Mushroom Jasper Cabochon
Mushroom jasper or rhyolite it is a grey jasper with red cuperite in mushroom like patterns from America and seldom seen in cutting
It measures 35mm by 27mm 5mm thick.
It Costs £10.00GBP



Hand Cut Birds Eye Rhyolite Cabochon
A stone from Mexico which is a tan red with birds eye patterns in the stone takes a great polish
It measures 37mm by 19mm 6mm thick.
It Costs £10.00GBP